Make your Filter Last

Monday 30th November -0001

Make Your Filter Last

Standard engine fuel filters are not designed to clean fuel containing large amounts of dirt and water. Contaminated fuel overwhelms the capability of the on-board filtration causing injectors either to wear out too soon or to seize.

Recent changes in emission regulations and are continuing to drive changes in diesel engines. The increased fuel system operating pressure requires reduced component clearances in the order of 2-4 micron thereby placing a higher demand on fuel to be clean.

Contaminants in the fuel can be particulate and microorganisms. Particulate contaminants are made up of:

Silicates – Hard, abrasive particles that will cause severe wear to a fuel injection system.

Asphaltenes and biological debris – Soft, deform-able materials that occur naturally or as a result of fuel degradation, can reduce filter life.

Water – Cause injection part corrosion and erosion, fuel lubricity deterioration, fuel pump and injector cavitations, fuel injector deposits build-up and fuel filter plugging.

Microorganism contamination requires water in the fuel for microbes to growth. Water is almost always present due to:

Water dissolved in the fuel

Moisture in the air can entering through floating tank lids or other vents and condensing on the tank walls

Poorly designed tanks without water drains

To ensure your injection system lasts, and to protect your equipment, always take the following steps to prevent contamination:

Polish fuel on the outlet of the filling tank before fuelling your equipment

Protect fuel from airborne contaminants and ambient humidity

Polish fuel on the inlet before fuelling your equipment

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