Industrial & Process


- Elements to suit all types of systems, pressures, viscosity, temperature and flow
- Expertise in sizing and selecting housings for both pressure and return lines
- Breather upgrades for harsh environments
- Element and housing upgrades to improve system cleanliness
- Portable and static off-line, filling and emptying fluid transfer units
- Water removal elements, purifiers and diagnostic equipment

Heating & Ventilation

- All types and sizes of air filters to suit all applications
- Panel, bag and Hepa filters to meet all standards
- Cardboard, plastic, wood and metal frames or cases
- Grades from G3 to H14
- Media rolls are available and can be cut to any required pad size
- Carbon filters for odour removal
- Grease filters in aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel frames
- Drive belts
- Spray booth media

Compressed Air

Improvements to your current filtration providing cost savings through reduced energy consumption
- Full range of replacement elements
- Dryers, coolers and separators for both main and point of use applications
- Hi-tech synthetic media
- Automatic and float drain systems
- Sterile and steam elements
- Vacuum filters

Process Fluids

Housings and cartridges to cover all applications types
- Comprehensive range of bags and housings
- Both nominal and absolute filtration options
- Sterile cartridges to remove unwanted bacteria
- Carbon elements for the removal of unwanted chemicals
- Wide range of cartridge end fittings and seal options
- Fully validated cartridges where required
- Strainers, baskets and backflush units for all applications
- Cartridges for the removal of hydrocarbons
- RO Systems and cartridges

Dust & Fume

Wide range of cartridges, bags and hardware
- Filters of all sizes and material types
- Oil mist collection units and media
- Foam breathers and electrical fan panel screens
- Latest medias ensuring extended service life and energy savings
- Anti-static media option available
- LEV testing and servicing
- Installation and fitting service

Service - Oil Sampling & Monitoring

On site fluid sampling and analysis
- Full laboratory service
- Fluid cleanliness advice and recommendation
- Design and troubleshooting
- Diagnostic and monitoring services
- Bulk fuel / water testing

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