Creating More Environmentally Friendly Fleet Trucks

Tuesday 24th May 2016

Ninatrans is one of Belgium’s most progressive transport companies and was elected transport company of the year 2013. With decrease of its CO2 production with 134.7 tons per year and an optimal engine management, this successful family business with over 45 year of experience can be seen as an industry leading example for future transport companies. With a fleet of 120 trucks, 260 trailers and 20 vehicles for national distribution, Ninatrans is not the biggest but definitely belongs to the smartest and environmentally friendly transport companies in Belgium. Their target is clear, via an active green management reducing CO2 emissions with 20% in 5 years. Through technological enhancements of the fleet, all engine where optimised. In combination with extensive driver training modules on eco-driving in collaboration with the Scania Driver Academy, first steps towards the ambitious target where made. At the same time a close look at the fleet and the vehicle settings, like the right tire pressure, wind gliders for less resistance and recent vehicle park contribute to a green fleet. Ninatrans and Donaldson share the same vision when it comes to fuel savings and fleet protection through efficient filtration. The company invested and installed the Donaldson Clean.Protect.Polish.™ concept for their Diesel bulk tanks. This unique filtration system is based on the clean fuels principle. The efficient filtration system makes sure only clean & dry fuel is tanked into the vehicles which leads optimal performance and significant fuel savings of Euro5 and Euro6 engines.   A Three Phase Concept - Clean, Protect, Polish™ Clean, fuel is filtered before it is pumped into the bulk storage tanks. A filtration system installed between the supply pipeline and the bulk storage tank cleans the fuel. Water, dust and other particles are removed before they enter the bulk tank. Protect, Donaldson’s unique T.R.A.P.™ concept preserves the stored fuel in the optimal condition. Filtered tank breathing keeps moist and dirt particles out of the airstream of the storage tank. Polish, before fuel is pumped into a vehicle, a filtration system between the bulk storage tank and the pump filters out water, dust and other particles which contaminated the fuel in the tank.  These three phases clean fuel and have a direct influence on the fuel consumption and the life of engines. The scientific proven Clean.Protect.Polish.™ concept of Donaldson has shown that the majority of fuels is contaminated. This is a serious issue by which fuel is not meeting the critical standards of modern heavy duty engines and leads to more fuel consumption and equipment downtime. Ninatrans analysed its fleet fuel consumption after the installation of the Donaldson filtration concept which resulted in 1.18% fuel savings.  
"An investment which earned back within a year is an easy decision for every company owner. The initial purpose of the installation was to enhance engine protection but as of the start we were convinced of the power and the effect of these blue filters." Benny Smets CEO Ninatrans
  Ninatrans Green Initiatives
  • Efficient engine management + modernisation of the fleet
  • Eco-driving training - Scania Driver Academy
  • Driving analyses
  • Wind deflectors for less resistance
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Donaldson Clean Solutions system for diesel tanks

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