The Environmental Benefit of Using Water Filtration Systems

Tuesday 28th February 2023

Water is an essential part of life, however a significant amount of impurities in water cannot be seen by the human eye. Water filtration can take place at multiple places between the source and reaching the public, at both an industrial level, and home based water filtration systems. Water companies have a statutory responsibility to test the quality of their water at each of their treatment plants, in order to ensure water is at an appropriate level for human use, in many cases requiring filtration to take place.

Where does Water Filtration provide benefits?

The water filtration system has different benefits depending on where it takes place. Whilst both have positive impacts on the environment, the systems in tandem allow for the largest benefit to be seen.

Industrial water filtration systems

Filtration at an industrial level has the benefit of reducing the strain on water transport systems. Transporting the water with suspended solids and unfiltered matter wears away at the systems overtime, by filtering this out the transport systems need less frequent maintenance. This reduces the level of waste from parts that need replacing, and removes the need for energy expenditure in the production of new parts or repairs. 

Another environmental benefit from filtration on an industrial scale is the greater efficiency at which you are able to filter. Done at scale, it takes less energy to undertake the filtration, this reduction of energy usage lessens the environmental cost of the use of water filtration systems. This efficiency then continues down the line as water is distributed when it leaves the water treatment centres, as any further processing done to the water following this, has less to filter out and therefore is more energy efficient in turn. 

Industrial water filtration allows for stronger levels of filtration, allowing for the use of water which is initially contaminated to be made suitable for use. Wastewater has the potential for a second life through filtration, leading to less negative environmental impact from its creation through water conservation.

Full-Home Filtration

Full-home filtration systems not only increase the purity of your home water, they also help to reduce water waste and improve water efficiency. 

A significant proportion of waste surrounding drinking water comes from the purchase of bottled water for use over tap water. An at home filtration system provides reassurance to those unsure about the quality of their tap water by filtering the water at the point of use, therefore reducing plastic waste from the purchase of bottled water. 

For homes in hard water areas, there can be buildup of limescale both on and within appliances, potentially damaging them and dramatically reducing their lifespan. These appliances then generate increased waste by necessitating more frequent replacement. Full-home water filtration can reduce the level of mineral within the water, reducing the buildup within the appliances, increasing their energy efficiency, and reducing waste. 

Over time the waste products that end up in landfills degrade and decompose, leaching chemicals and into the surrounding environment. Full-home water filtration systems therefore help to prevent the environment becoming polluted by the waste by reducing general waste buildup.

Further Considerations

When thinking of the environmental benefits of water filtration, it is important to understand the wider picture in which the system you are constructing sits. 

The manufacture of water filtration systems has an initial carbon footprint cost, and therefore the system and filtration components you select play a key part in limiting the environmental impact of the initial installation. 

Therefore your selection of filters and systems are important in order to ensure the environmental benefits to your system have a positive impact through their lifespan.

Water filtration systems with Filtration Ltd.

There are a wide range of water filters available, for both industrial and home use, targeting a range of different contaminants. 

It is important that you find the filter that is appropriate for your water filtration system needs in order to make the most of its environmental benefit. 

To find out more about our water filters, to speak to our team. Our experienced Technical Sales engineers with their expert knowledge can help you to find the right filters, providing a stress free service.

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