Investigating & Preventing Engine Failure to Bus Fleet

Tuesday 24th May 2016

The Situation

Public transport is very important to keep modern society going. Lots of people rely on it to travel, go to work or for day-to-day activities. Especially in urban area’s each minute of delay has an immediate effect on the life of dozens or hundreds of people. The image of public transport gets seriously affected when buses don’t show up on time. A well-known Spanish bus company faced serious downtime due to blocked injectors. This resulted in frequent unplanned maintenance services of their fleet.   The Challenge Find out why the buses showed less performance and engine failures. Investigate why engine injector problems always lay at the root of this issue. One 160.000 litre tank, which foresees the vehicles of fuel, contains contaminates and needs cleaning.   The Solution and Clean Solutions Partners Donaldson has the expertise and experience to assess the situation and offer the right solution at the right time. Tank samples were taken and showed serious contamination of the fuel. Donaldson advised to install a Protect and Polish principle to ensure clean fuel for the vehicles. A double head filtration element with P568666 on the dispenser polishes the fuel when it goes from the tank into the vehicles. To protect the tank from future environmental pollution a T.R.A.P. breather is installed.   The Result The cleanliness level when from 21/20/17 before the installation to 14/13/11 ISO4406/99. Which resulted in significant less maintenance time and higher and longer performing engines. The customer decided to install the Protect and Polish solution on 15 other servicing stations. By reducing contamination levels in the bulk filtration system, you can reduce maintenance, down-time, labour costs and your total cost of ownership. Count on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!

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