Responding to an Offshore Oil Rig Breakdown

Tuesday 24th May 2016

The Situation In an oil driven world, every drop counts. Each second of downtime during the oil production process, comes with an enormous cost. A well-known oil company faced issues with its on-site diesel powered generators. Donaldson delivers clean solutions to make sure the on-site engine equipment is protected against contaminated fuel which causes serious downtime.   The Challenge A world market leader in fuel, lubricants and other petroleum derivative experienced unexpected breakdown of multiple diesel engines on generators that foresee oil rigs with the necessary power to pump up oil. Research showed that the fuel used to power the oil drilling diesel generators wasn't clean. Moreover, it showed that on-site equipment fluids had extremely poor filtration and in some cases, no pre-filtration at all. The contaminated fuel caused the diesel generators to breakdown.   The Solution Donaldson has the perfect solution to clean fuel and to assure your equipment won’t break down due to ‘dirty fuel’. One 4-way manifold on the inlet and two 2-way manifolds on the outlet, one active and one for backup, were installed at the on-site bulk diesel tank. In addition, to avoid water contamination in the tank, Donaldson delivered it’s unique T.R.A.P.™ breather concept.   The Result The customer decided to foresee three additional oil rig sites with Donaldson Clean Solutions. By reducing contamination levels in the bulk filtration system, you can reduce maintenance, down-time, labour costs and your total cost of ownership. Count on Donaldson when every operating hour counts!

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