The most efficient HVAC filters for your business

Wednesday 12th April 2023

The most efficient HVAC filters for your business

Many commercial properties will have a HVAC system. This system is designed to heat, cool, and filter the air within the space. Depending on where you are located, chances are there may be more focus on the heating or cooling aspect of your business’ HCAV system, however it is also important to consider how well the system performs its filtration role.

Whilst your HVAC system may do temperature control well, it is possible that it is not currently providing good air filtration, and does not have the most efficient filters within its system for your business environment, limiting its positive impact on your air quality, and also potentially costing you money.

What is HVAC Efficiency?

Due to the different uses of HVAC systems within different settings, experts consider HVAC filter efficiency to be a spectrum. Rather than one filter efficiency being the best, there is no one size fits all solution, instead taking into consideration a wide range of factors to provide the best efficiency filter for your HVAC system.

Aspects which can impact the best fit for your system can include, the size of the space, the way the building is constructed, frequency of use of the HVAC system, and the installation method. Alongside this, there is the potential for certain environments to need specific filtration for relevant contaminants.

HVAC filters filter for three groups of contaminants; particulates, gaseous contaminants, and biological contaminants. Depending on the industry of your business, a different range of these may be created within the building. On top of this, the location of your business may have different outside air qualities to take into consideration too. As these particles vary in size, differing air filters will be required within your system to reduce the concentration of the contaminants within the air.

In order to filter out these contaminants, the efficiency rating of the filtration goes up. However along with more efficient filtration of the air, comes increased air resistance through the filters, increasing fan speed requirements to compete with the restricted airflow. Therefore it is important to consider what level of contaminants your system is likely to encounter. If your system does not encounter the most significant of contaminants, the higher efficiency rating of the air filter will not necessarily increase the air quality further, but will put additional strain on your HVAC system and require more energy to run.

What Makes an HVAC System Energy Efficient?

When it comes to many devices in the modern world, their energy efficiency, however similar to the need for usage understanding when looking at efficiency rates of the HVAC filters, multiple factors will determine the energy efficiency of your HVAC system overall.

Once you know the specifics of the HVAC filter that you want to install, it is also important to keep on top of replacing them when needed. As a filter becomes more congested, the system is having to work harder to maintain air flow, This is why it is important to ensure your HVAC system is maintained, as build up of debris in filters, with the reduced air flow, can allow dentist to build up elsewhere in the system, and continue to increase the energy needed to run the system, reducing its energy efficiency.

When having an HVAC system installed, it is important that it is done by someone who understands the requirements of the building it is being installed into. They will be able to make sure the impact of the HVAC system on the space, reducing the need to run the system at higher levels to impact the whole of the area it needs to service. This is more energy efficient as the system will not need to work as hard or for as long to be impactful.

Why is efficiency important?

The quality of air inside a building has a significant impact on those inside it. If your business does not prioritise the air heath of their spaces, illnesses, and other issues can easily spread throughout a space. Mould can find its way into areas that are improperly ventilated and any contaminants created inside the building can continue to circulate if improperly filtered out. Without considering these factors, your air quality has the potential to be a significant workplace hazard.

In addition to the health of those who work in your business, the efficiency of your filtration system has the significant potential to impact your bottom line. Inefficient HVAC systems require more energy to run, as they may be facing reduced air flow, not properly fitting to the space they are in, or having filters that are not appropriate for the contaminants they face. The increased energy it takes to run your HVAC system then goes on to impact your energy bills, as overtime the system continues to cost you more money the longer it continues to run inefficiently.

On top of all of this, HVAC energy use is a significant contributor to the overall energy usage of the commercial world in many countries. In order to reduce the impact that HVAC system use can have on the planet, ensuring your system is efficient will reduce the overall energy usage this aspect of business entails.

How can Filtration Ltd help you with your HVAC filters?

As there is such variation in HVAC systems, the requirements of the filters you need in your system and environment can vary significantly alongside it. Here at Filtration Ltd. we supply a wide range of filters from many of the industry’s top brands. Whatever your requirements, we have HVAC filters that will meet your needs.

Contact us today to speak to our team of experts, with their years of experience they are perfectly placed to help you choose the filter that meets your needs. As HVAC specialists, we can provide you with filters for a range of HVAC systems that meet your premises’ needs.

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