Why you should choose Donaldson filters

Thursday 17th November 2022

Donaldson filters are high-quality, and provide reliability as well as being a cost effective option for all your filtration needs. The high level of filtration efficiency is an advantage no matter the industry, and the quality of the product ensures low maintenance costs. 

The protection afforded for engines by Donaldson filtration systems is renowned within the industry. They lead the way in design, manufacturing and innovation of filters for a variety of industries, including fuel, oil, air, heavy-duty, coolants, hydraulics and lube filters. 

The extensive research carried out by Donaldson means that their products are developed with maximum efficiency, as they pass through a stringent testing process during the development phase to maximise their impact. Donaldson filters contain the latest cutting-edge technology, so as methods within the filtration adapt, Donaldson filtration is always ahead of the curve in implementing new technologies across its wide range of products.

The effectiveness of a Donaldson air filter

Although there are filters developed by Donaldson for a multitude of industries, air filters are extremely useful, and a Donaldson air filter is the most effective source of engine protection. Unlike many other filters, the air filters developed by Donaldson are designed to operate at optimum functionality, even after they have been in service for a period of time. This clever design means the air filter works even better than a brand new one. 

A main feature of the donaldson air filter is barrier filtration. This process is a result of the porous paper media contained within the filter, allowing for air to pass through as it makes its way to the engine. The pores are blocked as contaminant is caught within the paper media, so the dirty air that passes through the intake system is filtered by the contaminant that was trapped previously, making the filtration process extremely efficient, and preventing the engine from being blocked by the contaminant.

The barrier filtration process is formulated by the professional engineers at Donaldson, who optimise the paper filter media for air filters. Through using this method, a Donaldson air filter can reach peak efficiency much faster than other air filters. 

Essentially, the efficiency of a Donaldson air filter continually increases with use until the level of restriction reaches the optimal maximum recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Donaldson bulk fluid filters

Contamination that occurs in lubricating oil or fuel can quickly erode components that are extremely costly to repair or replace. The failure of equipment as a result can then lead to higher fuel or oil consumption and increase overall operating costs. 

Effectively removing contaminants from fuel and lubricants requires filtration systems that are designed to rid your fuel of dirt, water and debris before it ever touches your equipment. Effective filtration can prevent this from occurring, and Donaldson’s range of bulk fluid filtration systems will ensure you avoid these pitfalls.

Donaldson products include diesel and lube filters that are engineered to meet or exceed OEM cleanliness targets in a single pass, with spin-on filters that can be attached to single heads or dual heads, perfect for specific application requirements. 

They also provide diesel filter kits that are super easy to install, and provide effective outlet filtration, allowing users to pump clean fuel into vehicles and equipment. By purchasing from the wide range of Donaldson bulk filtration systems, you’ll guarantee yourself a reduction in the total cost of equipment ownership.

Donaldson filters with Filtration Ltd

We work alongside Donaldson filters as they are a complete engine filtration provider. From air intake to emissions, crankcase to lube, fuel, and coolant and bulk fluids, Donaldson filters are renowned in the industry as being a reliable and effective source of filtration. Check out our range of Donaldson filters today and discover why you should opt for Donaldson filtration.

As a leading supplier of quality filtration products, we believe in providing our customers with the best filtration options available. Our close working relationships with Donaldson ensures we have all the technical knowledge required to answer any queries you may have related to any of their products. 

Contact us today to find out more about our range of Donaldson products, or chat to a member of our friendly, professional team who will be happy to assist you with any queries about our products or services.

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